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What is
ACB Exchange?

Have you thought about volunteering while you are in Okinawa? Want to make a difference and spend your time in a meaningful and fulfilling way? Families come in all shapes and sizes; ACB(Ashibi) exchange seeks “Host Family Volunteers” to short-term host or participates in daily outside activities with local Okinawan youth. Have fun and invite someone to enjoy the same activities you enjoy with your family! For more information, please call or email.


About Me

Hello everyone; my name is Mika.
I am running this community, and I’d like to introduce myself.
I was born and raised on this beautiful island, Okinawa, Japan. As a child, I loved learning English even though I couldn’t speak much. I joined as many events as possible with English speakers, such as festivals or homestays, because I was interested in the different food, language, and culture.

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